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Are you Ready to Uplevel
and Redefine Your Life?


A fully customizable 4-week experience — anchored by an 8 hour, 1:1 coaching day with me!

VIP Coaching Day option is all about getting to the heart of what you really want for yourself and your business. It's practical, straightforward, and aimed at giving you the clarity and direction you've been searching for. We'll identify your personal goals and business aspirations, break them down into manageable steps, and create a tailored action plan. It's time to clear the fog, sharpen your focus, and lay out a path that leads straight to your goals. Together, we'll add that extra spice and take bold steps to make your aspirations a tangible reality." 

Consultation Call

Our journey begins with a personal consultation call. This is where we start to peel back the layers of your aspirations and challenges. We'll identify your goals, both personal and professional, and discuss what success looks like to you.


This initial conversation is crucial for setting the stage for your transformative journey, allowing us to tailor the coaching experience to your unique needs.


It's all about getting to know you and how we can make your VIP Day as impactful as possible.

Here's How it Works

Pre Sizzle-Work

Before we meet for your VIP Day, there's some groundwork to be done. You'll receive a customized pre-work packet designed to help you clarify your thoughts, desires, and the areas you feel need the most attention.


This step is about creating a foundation for our in-person session, ensuring that we can dive deep into the areas that matter most to you.


By reflecting on these guided questions and exercises, you'll come into the VIP Day with a clear mind and a focused agenda, ready to make the most of our time together.


The VIP Day is where the magic happens. We'll meet in a location that inspires you, be it your city or a place that sparks creativity and openness.


This intensive 8-hour session is dedicated entirely to you, focusing on deepening the discoveries from your pre-work and translating them into actionable strategies.


We'll clarify your intentions vision, create a roadmap for your journey ahead, and identify the steps needed to achieve your redefined goals.


It's a day of breakthroughs and bold moves towards the life and career you envision.


Before I met Coach Demi, I felt like I was at a crossroads in both my personal and professional life, unsure of which direction to take. 

Then came her VIP Day – a t transformative experience that took place in a serene location that immediately put me at ease. Demi is about hilarious and it just felt like we were on intimate girls trip. Her approach was both nurturing and challenging, enabling me to clarify my vision and create a roadmap for my future with confidence. Talk about accountability!!! We uncovered new strengths I didn't know I had and we came up with new ways to overcome my barriers.

Now, I'm not just on a new path; I'm trailblazing my way through it with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement. My personal relationships are even more stronger, and most importantly, I've rediscovered the joy in my journey.

Demi is a firecracker and is so so much fun. She has so much insight and extremely transparent! Working with Demi didn’t just change my life; it elevated it in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  -Lisa S.






Rediscover a Brand New You

Dive into a journey of self-exploration to uncover and embrace the real you and to redefine this new chapter of saying YES to YOU with DARING MOVES & Bold Discoveries!


This hands-on session is all about stripping away the noise to find your core and passion, setting goals that reflect your true self, and crafting a life strategy that brings you joy and fulfillment.


Get ready to dive deep beneath the surface to meet the person you were always meant to be, equipped with a clear vision and actionable steps to live authentically and radically liberated.

ReDefine Your Style Mantra

Transform your wardrobe and brand appeal into a powerful and redefined expression of your unique identity and aspirations.


This offering isn’t just about clothes; it’s about crafting a signature style that boosts your confidence and tells your story.

We’ll identify what makes you feel powerful, design your new style playbook, and ensure you step out as the best version of yourself every single day personally and professionally.

What kind of wifey do you want to be as you re-invent yourself and re-envision marriage?

Let me help you breathe new life into your relationship with a practical approach to reigniting the passion and flame in your marriage. This session is focused on actionable strategies for enhancing intimacy, improving communication, setting boundaries and sparking joy in your role as wife, girlfriend and friend to your husband.


Rediscover the excitement and deepen your connection, making every moment together count.

ReIgnite Your Wifey Sizzle

Reset Your Marriage in 90Days

Let me transform your marriage in

90 Days with my secret sauce!


 Let me help facilitate/mediate those uncomfortable conversations that you've been avoiding & tackle your relationship challenges head-on and set a practical and workable course correction for your marriage’s future with actionable steps and strategies.

We’ll confront the tough stuff, from communication breakdowns to lost connections, and build a practical roadmap for a marriage filled with love, respect, and happiness and fulfillment.


This is about creating a marriage & friendship that thrives, with both partners feeling understood and valued.




Boss to Boss: RealignYour Priorities


Cut through the clutter and master the art of living and working with intention and prioritizing effectively and efficiently without the overwhelm.


This offering is for the driven & busy working woman ready to declutter her life and business, focus on what truly matters, and achieve her goals with laser precision and with my top 5 prioritization method.


We'll tackle time management, declutter your to-do list, and set up systems and automations that free you to live and work smarter, not harder.

Nail Your Media Pitch &
Land Sizzle Worthy TV Appearances


Secure The Bag/ Corporate Sponsors


Get My SECRET Sizzle Sauce and step into the media spotlight with confidence Sis!

 This VIP session is all about honing in on and crafting your media worthy message, and delivering it with impact, and grabbing the attention of TV producers.


Learn my secrets on the ins and outs of media pitches that resonate and catch the eye balls of national industry producers. Let me help you present yourself as the go-to expert for your industry, and secure those game-changing appearances to skyrocket your brand. 

Let me help you Secure the Bag with Corporate Sponsorships! I know what they want!


Elevate your curated events,  projects or brand with strategic corporate partnerships. My no-nonsense guide to sponsorship acquisition will equip you with the know-how to attract and negotiate with sponsors, ensuring your vision aligns with their goals.


From crafting the perfect pitch to sealing the deal, get ready to unlock new opportunities and financial support for your ambitions.


For Your








Hey Sis! What kind ofWifey Are you!

  You know you want to know?

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