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I made a decision to trade in Brokeness & Bitterness
to  become a Confident & Redefined Woman

A woman isn't just turning the page; she's writing a whole new chapter with ink that burns brighter than ever before."

We have a responsibility to rise up, Show up andf to prioritize our happiness in

making self discovery our new JOY!

 Author, Thought Speaker, Event Curator, Coach | My life has been a whirlwind and incredible journey of discovery, transformation, and hard realities.  Born in Lubbock, Texas, I grew up with big dreams in a small town, always knew that I wanted to make a meaningful impact in the world. From my early days as an advertising and marketing consultant, healthcare professional, former NBC Correspondent and the go to expert for media outlets such as CBS The Doctors Show, NBC Access, FOX, and Hallmark, my career and purpose has alwyas been about serving and connecting with others in meaningful and purposeful ways- with one goal to leave this earthly world- EMPTY!

But beyond the camera lights and media accolades, my heart has always been anchored in real, everyday experiences, as a wife, mom, and someone who's navigated the rollercoaster of balancing wife duties & family life.  Alongside my husband Jay, I've learned some of my hardest lessons, navigating the dance of rebuilding trust, and relationship equity through 24 years of marriage. We've celebrated the highs and the challenges that marriage often brings, all while raising three wonderful children who've now flown the nest.

My passion for people and purpose drove me to start  Bee Empowered Inc., a non-profit dedicated to uplifting women and young girls. I've had the pleasure of speaking at major events and center stages like Essence Festival, MOM 2.0, ALT Summit, to curating and hosting my signature intimate and empowering workshops for women entrepreneurs, I've shared my message of resilience and self-discovery, hoping to inspire others to redefine and rewrite a new narrative for their lives.

As a Certified Family Dynamics Coach, Speaker, and Author, I've spent over 17 years championing the cause of busy wives and working women struggling to find balance amidst the chaos and crazy of life. My work and passion is about more than just strategies and advice; it's about sharing a piece of my life, the joys and the struggles, to help others feel less alone in theirs. My hope is to help busy women and wives know that you can have it all with a sense of strategic planning and prioritizing, without losing themselves and or the people that matter the most to them.

I hope to inspire you to find your path, your balance, and your sense of happiness and fulfillment. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about where you're going, but who you become along the way.


I believe that the most painful spaces in our lives, have meaning & purpose, therefore nothing has been wasted in our lives. I believe as women, we have a responsibility to rewrite our narratives.


Spicey, Mindful and Imperfect.

Loud and Fun!


Morning Devotion/ Affirmations & Prayer Set, Dutch Bros Golden Eagle with a splash of Irish Cream. Quick 15 min workout. Plan Spicey Date Night- Friday Hair Appointments


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I guess looking back in retrospect, my fascination with Diana Ross at 10 years old made me dream of a life full of sparkle. Yet, under that shimmer, I struggled with my confidence, failing miserably as a wife, was extremly overweight and I had low self esteem and zero confidence. 

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I aiming to connect with women who are at their witts of of feeling overwhelmed, curious, and full of questions about what's next in this chapter of life.

If you're trying to piece together a puzzle that never seems to complete, or if there's a lingering sense that something's missing, I'm talking to you. Especially for women over 40 who are at a crossroads, asking "What's next?" and "Who am I beyond my roles as a wife and mother?" If you're looking to boldy spice things up... I AM YOUR GIRL! My mission is to offer support, perspective and guidance to those navigating these waters. It's not just about finding a balance between personal aspirations and family duties but about rediscovering who you are at your core, revitalizing your relationships for deeper connections, and reevaluating your priorities to ensure everything and everyone important to you finds its rightful place in your life.


My "secret sizzle sauce" is distilled and vetted from my own experiences and insights, crafted to meet you where you are! I have one question for you? What are you waiting on....???

Let me help you Sizzle Boldy unapologetically, in this next chapter, finding clarity in who you are and what you truly want and what brings you radical joy!

Hey Sis! What kind ofWifey Are you!

  You know you want to know?

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