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INNER CIRCLE | WOMAN REDEFINED a membership collective by Demi Austin-Thomas

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Welcome to the most exciting

Exciting & Radical Chapter of Your Life!

Hey Sis!


Woman Redefined is more than just an inner circle membership collective; it's a sanctuary for women navigating the intricate tapestry of life's diverse seasons and chapters. Crafted with authenticity and heart by Demi Austin-Thomas, this transformative space is a haven for self-discovery, a sanctuary where women can embark on the journey to redefine and reinvent their lives.

In this intimate inner circle, you won't find scripted narratives or generic advice. Instead, you'll be welcomed into a community that thrives on genuine connections and relatable experiences. Demi Austin-Thomas invites you into a more up-close, meaningful, and personal interaction, creating an atmosphere where vulnerability is not just accepted but celebrated.

As a member of Woman Redefined, you gain exclusive access to the wealth of Demi's personal insights and experiences. It's more than just sharing success stories; it's about revealing the raw authenticity behind the journey. Demi opens up about her own biggest challenges and lessons, offering a transparent view into her own life. But it doesn't stop there; she goes further, providing practical "how-to's" and actionable steps to empower you as you take charge and redefine the next chapter of your life – whether you're navigating the path of womanhood, embracing the role of motherhood, or nurturing the complexities of being a wife.

Woman Redefined is not exclusive to a specific type of woman; it's a collective for every woman. It acknowledges that each journey is unique, and here, diversity is not just accepted; it's celebrated. Whether you're a career-driven woman, a stay-at-home mom, or someone navigating the delicate balance of both, Woman Redefined is a space where you can find understanding, support, and inspiration.

In this collective, the concept of redefinition is not about conforming to societal norms; it's about embracing the authenticity within, acknowledging that growth is a dynamic, individualized process. Woman Redefined is a testament to the power of women coming together to reshape their narratives, break boundaries, and create a life that aligns with their true selves. So, welcome to Woman Redefined – where the journey of self-discovery is not just embraced; it's celebrated, and where every woman is invited to redefine her story in the company of kindred spirits.

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Woman Redefined is more than just my inner circle—it's a sisterhood and community for women navigating their journeys. Whether you're single, engaged, married, or seeking mentorship and personal coaching, this space is yours. It's for those starting over, finding their voice, reimagining themselves and redefining this chapter of their lives! Woman Redefined is where I'm cheering you on, encouraging you to rediscover your strength, boldly find your voice and, and confidently redefine & reinvent your authentic self. Join us on this empowering journey of reinvention and self-discovery. Can't wait to connect and grow with you!

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I'm so stoked to welcome you into the heart of "Woman Redefined." We've got three special levels just for you – "Hey Sis" for those starting fresh or navigating solo adventures, "Hey Wifey" for you engaged gems seeking genuine connection, and "Hey Auntie" for my mature queens hungry for mentorship and growth.

Whether you're finding your way or stepping into a new chapter, each level is a personal connection with yours truly. From our cozy Monthly Newsletters to the inside scoop in our Digital Doses of Demi Inspiration, we're creating more than a community; we're building a fam. Join us for Virtual and In-Person Meet-Ups where chats flow, ideas spark, and friendships blossom.

So, whether you're finding your stride or embracing a fresh start, you've got a spot here. Let's redefine what it means to be a woman together – supporting, growing, and just being. Welcome to "Woman Redefined," where every sis finds her groove. Can't wait to vibe and grow with you!




Step into Hey Wifey, where I, personally guide you through a transformative journey of self-reinvention within the beautiful tapestry of marriage. This isn't just an online membership; it's an immersive in-person experience with me as your guide, confidante, and cheerleader. Picture us connecting in real life, navigating the adventure of self-discovery and growth together. Whether we're sharing stories, offering advice, or enjoying moments of humor, this is a tight-knit community of like-minded wives.




Hey Sis, this one's for you – the dynamic, multifaceted woman embracing all the roles and adventures that life throws your way. "Hey Sis" is more than a membership level; it's a vibrant community within Woman Redefined, where you can kick off your shoes, be real, and connect with fellow sisters. Whether you're hustling in your career, diving into personal passions, or simply trying to figure it all out, Hey Sis is your go-to spot for sharing stories, seeking advice, and celebrating the beautiful chaos of womanhood.



Hey Auntie, come take a seat by the fire. This membership level is all about you – the wise, nurturing soul who leaves an indelible mark on the lives of others. Hey Auntie in Woman Redefined is a warm, inviting space for those who offer guidance and love to the next generation. Connect with a community that understands the unique journey of being an aunt, a mentor, or that guiding presence in someone's life. Share your stories, your wisdom, and revel in the beauty of making a lasting impact on those around you. Woman Redefined celebrates the depth and richness you bring to the tapestry of womanhood.



membership for

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Happy Family

If you're a woman who is searching for answers and looking to redefine your life, reinventing and living unapologetically in this new chapter, the Woman Redefined Inner Circle membership is crafted for you—whether you are single, a mother, or a wife. Elevate and take charge of your life as you cast a new vision alongside a community of like-minded women dedicated to growth, empowerment, and embracing the unique journey each woman undertakes.

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of the

  • Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery: Explore and uncover the facets of your true self, paving the way for personal growth and transformation.

  • Cultivate Unshakable Confidence: Develop the confidence to embrace challenges, face fears, and navigate life with unwavering self-assurance.

  • Foster & Forge Authentic Connections: Connect with like-minded women on a shared journey, building a supportive network that fosters empowerment and genuine sisterhood.

  • Upgrade Their Lifestyle: Gain insights, strategies, and resources to elevate various aspects of your life, from career and relationships to health and well-being.

  • Access Exclusive Resources: Benefit from curated content, workshops, and expert guidance designed to propel you toward your goals, ensuring a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

  • Rewrite & Redefine Their Story: Take charge of your narrative, set bold goals, and achieve milestones that reflect your individual definition of success.

Empowering Women

to cast a newvision for their lives
&  unlocking

their super power

Monthly Membership Options


- hey wifey inner circle membership -


  • Basic Membership$33/month

  • Plus Membership$49/month

  • Premium Membership$99/month

  • Annual Plan Savings$356/year (Save $40)

  • Annual Plan Offerings10% discount on all merchandise,

  • Two DISCOUNTED "Dish and Dine with Demi" vent tickets per year, access to exclusive "Wifey Wisdom" group sessions.

  • Community AccessIncluded with all tiers

  • Monthly Newsletters Included with all tiers

  • Webinars & Workshops Included with Plus & Premium

  • Exclusive Events Included with Premium

  • Special Discounts Included with Premium


basic premium

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Monthly Membership Options


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CURATED Experiences

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A Spiritual Wellness & Reset Retreat



A Wellness & Lifestyle BrunchG



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Elevated Dining Experiences



  • Who is the Woman Redefined Inner Circle membership for?
    The Woman Redefined Inner Circle membership is for women ready to upgrade their lives through self-discovery, confidence building, and authentic connections. Whether you're breaking through personal or professional barriers, redefining success, or seeking a supportive community, this membership empowers and inspires your unique journey.
  • Do I have to be a wife to be apart of the WR Inner Circle
    Absolutely not! The Woman Redefined Inner Circle is inclusive and welcomes all women, regardless of marital status. Whether you're single, married, or in any other relationship status, the Inner Circle is a space for women who are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, cultivate confidence, and connect with a supportive community. We believe in celebrating the diverse paths and experiences of every woman, and our community is designed to empower you on your unique journey, regardless of your relationship status.
  • I currently live outside of the Dallas/ FTW Area. Can I still be a member of the RW Inner Circle membership.
    Absolutely! The Woman Redefined Inner Circle membership is not limited by location. We welcome and encourage women from all geographical areas to join our empowering community. Our offerings, including curated content, workshops, and virtual events, are accessible to members regardless of their physical location. Distance is no barrier to the transformative journey of self-discovery, confidence cultivation, and authentic connection that the Inner Circle provides. Wherever you are, you can be a valued member of our community, enriching your life and empowering yourself alongside women on similar journeys. There will also be curated experiences where we invite our members to join me for upcoming events.
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