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Dream with Demi Pop Up Tour is excited to present: Demi & Friends Girl Chat Experience moderated by Tenia Watson, (The Real's Supervising Producer)


Demi & Friends Girl Chat Experience is a panel discussion tour for creative and independent women who are ready to Reinvent, Balance and Spark Up their life! This tour is a dedication to the women looking for advice on being and becoming a “boss lady" and how consistent self-care can help in finding your purpose. Join us as we sit down with five successful "Boss Ladies" as they share how they manage to juggle their everyday responsibilities in business, friendship and motherhood. 


Boss Lady Panelists:

Tenia Watson- The Real's Supervising Producer

Kristin Smith-Fox NOIRE TV Host

Pauline Malcolm Thornton- Disney Advertising Executive

Salena Rochester- NBC Universal/Bravo's Current Production Executive



Can you truly say you are living intentionally? How many times have you pressed PAUSE on your own success? Even once is too many. This girl chat experience is five FIERCE & FEARLESS women talking about making the decision to stop waiting for more money or the “right time” to follow their dreams. Join them as they share tips and discuss their experiences in mastering their own success and the importance of accountability partners. This tour will introduce you to ways to define your purpose and balance marriage, motherhood and business! 


About the Host:

National TV Personality and Parenting/Family Expert, Demi Austin-Thomas has designed coaching strategies that will snatch you out of your comfort zone, propelling you into a life you've only dreamed of by discovering what is truly holding you back. Demi Austin Thomas is helping moms all over the country reinvent their parenting, manage their families and live out their wildest dreams!   

Complimentary Massages Provided & Sponsored by our friends at Soothe, Cannabis Catered Events & ConditionHER

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