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About The Hey Wifey Retreat Experience

I believe that every woman deserves to feel empowered, inspired, seen and heard. That's why i've created a community of like-minded women who share a passion for personal growth and wellness to be apart of this incredible and sensational utopia experience. The Hey Wifey Retreat experience is a nurturing and safe space for wives. This is our a place where we can laugh, cry, share, and simply be, without any expectations. Whether it's finding quiet moments for reflection, joining heartfelt discussions that resonate with your experiences, or indulging in activities that rejuvenate your spirit.

Hey Wifey' is about embracing the journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal, in the most  exhilarating and exciting way.

My goal? To provide you with a nurturing and supportive space where you can reconnect with your inner self, rediscover your passions, reset and realign with your personal and spiritual goals. It's about creating memories and making connections that uplift and inspire you long after you return home.

This year, I'm taking 10 wives with me, and I would absolutely love for you to be one of them. If you're longing for a break from the daily rush and eager to connect with like-minded wives in a meaningful, down-to-earth way, 'Hey Wifey' is your invitation to pause, reflect, and embrace the joy of being you. Join me for an experience that promises to nourish your soul, spark your creativity, and fill your heart with peace and laughter. Let's create moments that matter, together."

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for Wives!


The Hey Wifey Retreat is meticiously curated just for you to relax and recalibrate!

Welcome to the ultimate first-class wifey retreat experience, where luxury, transformation, and sisterhood blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable journey. Here’s a sneak peek into the immersive, all-inclusive adventure that awaits you:

Luxury Accommodations & Amenities:

- All-Inclusive Resort Stay:

-Nestle into the comfort and elegance of our selected resort, where every detail is curated for relaxation and rejuvenation. Your stay includes:
  - Welcome Drink: Kick off the retreat with a signature welcome drink, setting the tone for a warm, inviting experience.
  - Gourmet Dining: Enjoy all-inclusive di
ning with a variety of culinary delights, from local cuisine to international favorites, catering to all dietary needs.
  -Unlimited Beverages and Adult Bubbles:** Savor the freedom of unlimited beverages, including a selection of fine wines, spirits, and bubbly, perfect for toasting to new beginnings.


Exclusive Experiences:

-Half-Day Yachting Adventure:** Set sail on a luxurious yacht, complete with a chef on board, for a half-day of adventure and play on the crystal-clear waters. It’s a perfect blend of relaxation, scenery, and gastronomy.

-Surprises Along the Way:** Expect delightful surprises that will make your experience even more memorable. From unexpected gifts to unique activities, we’ve woven in moments of joy and wonder throughout your stay.

Retreat and Coaching Sessions:

- In-Person Workshops: Dive deep into transformative workshops designed to reset, redefine, and reignite your passions, purpose, and perspectives on marriage and personal growth.

- Wifey Wellness Circles: Join intimate circles for honest, empowering discussions on navigating the complexities of marriage, wellness, and personal aspirations.

- Beachside Wifey Brunch: Gather for a sumptuous brunch by the beach, where the ambiance matches the depth of conversations and connections being made.

- Professional Photoshoot: Capture the essence of your transformed self with a professional photoshoot, providing you with lasting memories and a reminder of your journey.

The "Hey Wifey" Destination Retreat is more than just a getaway; it’s a meticulously crafted experience designed for wives ready to embrace their full potential. From the luxury of a first-class resort and bespoke yachting adventure to the depth and transformation of our coaching sessions and wellness circles, every aspect of this retreat is about indulgence, growth, and connection. Prepare to leave with not just memories but profound insights, strategies for a fulfilled life, and a sisterhood of supportive wives who’ve shared this incredible journey with you. Get ready to experience the epitome of relaxation, empowerment, and luxury at the "Hey Wifey" retreat, where every detail is about celebrating and elevating you.

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dive into resetting our intentions and refining our expectations with a clear focus: to reset perspectives and clear the space of any unresolved and unacknowledged issues in our marriages. This journey is about leaving those burdens behind and stepping forward into clarity, insight, and fresh perspectives. I'll provide you with actionable steps to not only improve communication with our partners but also to set boundaries that truly honor your needs.

The goal is to bring to light the areas we've overlooked or left unaddressed, providing the tools and strategies needed for understanding and embracing these aspects of our relationships. 

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I’ve designed this retreat to remind us of the incredible women we are. It’s so easy to forget our worth when we’re lost in the daily shuffle. We’ll dive into emotional expression and acceptance and how to find and use our voices confidently. 'Hey Wifey' is our space to share stories of strength and to celebrate every piece of us.


Together, we’ll explore why taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish and how speaking up is one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves and in our relatiionship with our spouses

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Is your husband ornery and dismissive! Does minimize your dreams and aspirations?

I'll help you reframe those conversations and garner his support! It's time for you, to champion your aspirations with confidence and fearless. We'll focus on clear, assertive communication to ensure our goals are not just heard but supported. This session promises practical strategies to articulate and advocate for your dreams, making them a shared priority, with an achievable plan. Let me help you gain your King's heart and his support!




Hunni!! Are you ready for this jelly! Come ready to Dive into "Redefine and Reignite," wel'll  refresh your self-image and spice up every corner of your life, including the bedroom. This empowering session is tailored for wives ready to embrace their true essence and add that hot firecracker spark back into their lives. Together, we'll explore practical steps for boosting confidence, redefining your personal style to mirror the vibrant woman you are, and tackling the intimate topics of spicing up your sex life, navigating sexual dealbreakers and satisfying pleasures, overcoming challenges like low libido and that mean ole menopause. Get ready to step into your bold irresistible glamour puss era----- Meow!




Join Us is Mexico
October 2024!
We can't wat to share the details with you!



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